March 29, 2008

Plastic bags become street art

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plastic_bag_animals-thumb.jpgOtherwise overlooked as trash, this street artist utilizes leftover plastic bags to create inflatable animals. By using ventilation grates, the plastic bag animals are tied down and remain deflated until air begins to flow through. The result is an incredibly creative approach to an inflatable street sculpture. Joshua Allen Harris (the artist) sent the Wooster Collective video of the installation that can be viewed here and here.


I recall that one time while walking about campus someone once strung up fliers on long pieces of masking tape. They had attached the stream of fliers to the grating of a building's ground-level air conditioning exhaust vent. The resultant effect was that the fliers were fluttering, but readable, at eye level in an area that normally wouldn't have fliers. Needless to say it was far more attention getting than if they had put it on the walls of the buildings 20 feet away.

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