March 31, 2008

Nudar helps locate tits for road trips

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nudar.jpgWe are in shock over the fact that a tipster pointed out we didn't cover a shoe-in story from January yet. Called Nudar, this beta radar is a location-based service for strip clubs and nudity. With helpful maps and even a GPS plugin, Nudar aims to give you a handful of attractions. Nudar 1.0 was announced to be in the works earlier this month with the assurance that the service would still be free. No road trip should be without a plentiful amount of tits, so this is definitely a must-have gadget for your jalopy.


The East seems to be at a significant advantage there...

Hahah, brilliant.

I didn't know that there were so many nude and topless beaches along my familiar coast. You learn something new every day.

Great site. Just the idea is a winner. What else can we use the GPS for? How about private clubs in Europe?

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