January 15, 2008

The perfect accessory for the non-pervert

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commuter_strap.jpgIt's been covered before on Tuesday Tasting - the saturation of subway gropers in Japan. Not wanting to be lumped in with the lot of pervy men, a new accessory helps define where non-wandering hands are.

"On super crowded trains, standing commuters quickly run out of stationary rings to hold on to, and have nowhere to put their hands. That's probably what inspired gropers to fondle in the first place, but it's also a looming dilemma for non-perverts as to where they can put their hands in order not to be mistaken for one."

While the idea of men holding onto rings to proclaim their non-perv status may be laughable, the product apparently sold out within a very short time frame.


I have no idea what to make of this. Using the ring seems tacky, but it is great that many don't want to be considered gropers. At the very least, there's a sense of shame about it. Then again, does that mean we can conclude many aren't really gropers?

And then, to further complicate things, there's the whole shame thing getting out of hand:


The whole situation seems like a mess. Nothing seems to make it clear that women aren't objects, and nothing helps men that aren't engaging in this awful activity. Is it safe to say that any sense of dignity has been replaced by a ring?

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