January 11, 2008

Picks for the most lame and lovable CES ads chosen

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ces-adwatch-14.jpgPerhaps the only thing more pervasive than flashing screens (or lack there of) at CES is advertising. Engadget points to what they found to be the best and the worst ads at CES this year. The team doesn't give a blow-by-blow review of each ad, but we can only imagine the snickering that took place behind the camera. What are your best/worst picks from the ad album?


Gotta got with the last one, with the Asian chick pulling a Shawshank Redemption pose. Did they just grab the first stock photo that came up in the "Asian woman technology" search window?

Close second: the "implants" ad. Should've had a hammer taped to the ad for passersby to hit themselves over the head with

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