January 28, 2008

Mobile touchscreen concept gives the reach-around, still disappoints

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pper3.jpgA new mobile concept called P-Per offers a reach-around to the iPhone-famous touchscreen. By using minimal parts, the potential phone offers sustainability.

"The design consists of just 4 layers, a printed circuit board, extruded polycarbonate, recycled titanium, and a wrap around flexible haptic LED touchscreen."

Textually says the design would satiate tech nerds, but we have to politely disagree. The mobile industry should be tapping into those that feel left out from the need for breakable screens and texting typos. Though we may be trading style for bulk, tactile QWERTY keyboards are a must for the true "tech nerds" who text under the table.


Touch screens are cool, but slower without using a stylus. I have a AT&T Tile phone/PDA, which has the best of both worlds I believe.

I'm sure they'll make the technology better in the future.

then why is the iphone a super hit with its non-tactile input ? it is the coolness that matters, really. Users might as well get used to the absence of the bulk, tactile QWERTY keyboards

@iy the iPhone is really only a hit with previous dumbphone users who were previously used to t9ing to text which is even more inconvenient than a touch qwerty. Rare is the person who switches from a BlackBerry for example to an iPhone, and those that do, complain about the lack of a tactile keyboard. Tactile keyboards are simple much much faster and more accurate for text entry than touch keyboards, so those who write/publish more will stick to tactile. OTOH, if you're mostly a consumer of media, the iPhone with its larger, slicker display is probably better for you.

It's the difference between being primarily a creator/influencer and primarily a user/viewer. And yes, besides speed, as Ariel points out with the under the table texting reference, there is the fact that you can touch type on a tactile keyboard without having to look (much), whereas a touch keyboard requires your visual attention.

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