November 5, 2007

SMS makes users socially-inept

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571072900_ea16267976.jpgTargeting your txt-fetish, a new study tries to conclude that text messaging is creating a lack of social confidence among the T9-hungry teenagers.

"The social impact of text messaging is the subject of renewed concerns as SMS use stretches to notifying someone of a death in the family, wedding RSVPs, breaking up with long-term partners and even quitting a job. reports. "Experts say the text-messaging generation is fast becoming socially inept as it hides from "normal communication"."

Are door knocks and phone calls really still the norm? Is communicating in 160 characters avoiding social interaction or getting to the core of it? Most likely, it's best to be titillated rather than timid about technology, as it has always been known to drive social change.

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great photo. Micki uses her sidekick about as much as I use my Dash. And Sean is thinking to him self "why did I even come" :)

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