November 7, 2007

Poking fun at fetishes

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SneezeFetish.jpgYesButNoButYes pokes fun at a variety of niche fetishes found across the interweb. The list starts with a link to a specific fetish that had a sad outcome. A man on Flickr had a thing for women in the backseat of cars wearing seatbelts. He had apparently favorited an entire collection of examples. When a few Flickr members realized that their public photos were becoming a fetish, they called him out and he deleted the entire account.

Luckily, the list of ten "funny fetish" sites may help satiate your niche needs without the nasty account deletion. From Japanese Girls with Big Shoes to Sneezing Babes to Slave Leia societies and more PG-rated obsessions like girls drinking tea, the internet is a truly a series of infinite niches. [via]

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Well, the notion is sort of creepy. The seatbelt guy, I mean. I wonder where he is right now? The Japanese girls with big shoes link was okay. But the sneezing babes left a strange feeling in me. I don't know if I'll ever be able to sneeze the same way again! Maybe seeing a lot of scrunched up noses in a short time was a little too much for this girl.

Seatbeltguy may be gone (account deleted from Flickr), but his comments live on. He is apparently very concerned with people (coincidentally all women) not wearing seatbelts in the backseat. I am not making this up:

* taxi backseat
* Heidi (link warning: double-bird)
* Denise

For more see: google site search of for dubguy101.

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