October 16, 2007

Sex every day keeps the doctor away

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sperm385_220197a.jpgA recent study shows that having sex everyday can help improve sperm quality. Though men are often told to control climaxing too often in order to keep their sperm counts up, a group of scientists down under (in Australia) have shown that it contradicts fertility.

"Among men whose fertility problems stem from genetic damage to their sperm rather than a low sperm count, abstaining from sex can make their difficulties worse, research led by David Greening, of Sydney IVF, has shown.

The pilot study of 42 men whose sperm showed significant DNA damage found that daily ejaculation reduced this by 12 per cent. While the results are preliminary and no direct effect on fertility has yet been measured, they suggest that certain men could benefit from having sex more often, or from abstaining less before providing semen for use in IVF.

We might not drink 8 glasses of water each day, but we most definitely won't disobey doctor's orders on this one.

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