September 24, 2007

Virgin Mobile takes advantage of virgin

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penfriend.jpgVirgin Mobile attempts to take innocence away from a fellow (we're guessing) virgin. An American family is suing the ironically named company for unauthorized use of their teen daughter's photo in an ad campaign.

"The family of Alison Chang claim that Virgin Mobile (or its advertising agency) took a copy of a photo which had been uploaded to the photo sharing website, Flickr - edited it and reused it in their poster campaigns.

The photo had apparently been released by the photographer - who is Alison's youth counselor - under the Creative Commons copyright policy which permits reuse, subject to attribution to the photographer - which was included in the Virgin Mobile adverts. However, Australian codes also require a model release form to be signed where a persons image is being used in an advert, and the family say that they never gave such a permission.

Adrants reminds us that this is SO 3 months ago.

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It may be old but her face is still hilarious.