September 21, 2007

Japanese plead guilty in robot-fighting case

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Disgusting what people will do to innocent robots these days. The recent Robo-One bipedal robot competition in Japan played host to a round of robot-fighting. The geeks over at Crave gush, "In it, a Hawaiian-shirt-clad chicken robot lays the smackdown on a more traditional robot. Enjoy. It's hard not to. Nothing of this ilk would happen during lunchtime of our ongoing battle of the nonviolent robots." Perhaps Vick should've taken the robot-fighting route. At least then, the robot could've fought back with laser beams or something.


Does me liking that video, a lot, make me a geek? I sure hope so, because that robot chicken is my hero.

I think it hurts that much more being beaten by a robot that looks like a humanoid fowel in an aloha shirt.

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