September 5, 2007

Cute overload: cleavage and cupcakes

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Combining two tasty favorites in a medium bowl to let others beat off to with approximately 50 strokes, Cleavage Cupcakes are cleverly cute. Unfortunately not meant for baking, the bust-enhancers come in a couple more varieties. Low Beams for a little nip of coverage and Takeouts for a tad more. Notcot states that they "do NOT front posts based on how much cleavage or cupcakeness they have", but we do! Disappointed that these push-ups didn't pop out of a pan? A quick Flickr search may satiate those in need of peach-colored pastries.


"Two tasty favorites" just made me shoot my morning coffee out of my nose.

way to find your way into the buzz feed!

Reminds me of the time my cousin went to Cancun and her "cupcakes" came out of her suit - again and again until she stuffed them in the crotch to keep them from floating away in the crowd of swimmers. These cupcakes are probably much more modern and would discreetly sink if exposed.

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