August 27, 2007

There's no sex in the champagne room, unless it's for advertising

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Trendhunter rounds up the "16 Brands of Drinks Using Sex to Make You Thirsty". From Pimp Juice to Monster Energy, to a you've-got-to-be-joking energy drink called Who's Your Daddy?, the list covers off on quite a few. The 16 sex-obsessed still leave out a few notables, though. Most recently, Heineken's "Draughtkeg" commercial left a misogynistic taste in some viewers' mouths, while others creamed their pants over a cyborg-like, beer-dispensing, techno-dancing, short-shorts-wearing woman.

AdAge jokes, "The perfect woman: a mute nymphomaniac whose father owns a brewery." However, AdAge adds that the joke "manages to [not] trivialize the essence of femininity quite as egregiously as Heineken. And why don't they?

Because they don't portray a woman's uterus as a beer keg.


Doesn't one get thirsty after sex?

The average man has no chance of meeting women like this if he is tired. You need energy to meet hot women and satisfy hot women. Energy drinks can give you the edge you need with this type of woman. Now, cyborgs are different. You can get drunk on Heineken and make it with almost any cyborg. They don't care. They're programmed to like you no matter what.

its kind of sad how sex in advertisement usually means nude/degraded females.

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