August 27, 2007

Sieg heil to shock advertising

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hellpizza.jpgIn so obviously a shot at shock advertising, a New Zealand pizza chain successfully crossed the line. Named Hell, the chain stated that they did not set out to offend anyone with their sieg heil to pizza, despite large community complaints.

"We thought that people would be able to see a funny side to a guy doing a 'sieg heil' salute with a piece of pizza in his hand," stated Kirk MacGibbon of Cinderella advertising agency.

Apparently, this wasn't the first controversial ad from Hell, as they had mailed out condoms a year prior to promote their "Lust" pizza. After 685 complaints, you'd think they'd stop their Crispin-Porter-wannabe antics.


wow, that's not just crossing the line, it's more like.. cutting the line up into little pieces and throwing them around everywhere..

haha, how could they've possible thought they'd get away with this?!

What, too soon?

A Kiwi friend of mine tells me the billboard was opposite a Jewish primary school.

@Stan Lee - Wow! Even worse.

The "Third Reich" comes with three toppings for the price of one.

I live in NZ and I didn't hear about this. It personally dose not offend me and I think that with out people trying to make fun of things that they shouldn't people will get too sensitive.
This image they have is dependent on there offensive marketing, and there pizza is good and I don't see why anything else matters
Also recently the company has spit form that advertising agency. Link

I'm not sure how anyone could think that is an appropriate ad campaign. First, I dont understand who in the ad agency would think that would sell pizza. Second, I dont understand how the company selling the pizza would find it appropriate. Unless of course they are ttrying to appeal to members of The National Socialist German Workers’ Party, or skin heads or some other group that hates Jews.

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