August 10, 2007

Flacid pervs piss off feminists, marketers

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qsol.jpgTrying to compensate for their petite privates, a group of chumps created an ad for reliable servers. While advertising, sex and technology typically shake mix well, Qsol took the unfortunate oh-so-middle-school approach to market their manhood. With lines like "Don't feel bad - Our servers won't go down on you either", it's hard to tell if the horridly over-used, most-likely-stolen stock photography is worse than the copywriting. A commenter on Copyranter adds that Qsol's logo is quite precarious as well.


i DEFINATELY agree. management needs to be spanked or at least given a free account at

Talk about sexist. Did the feminists ever think to consider maybe there are some women who might be buying servers? "Go down" is not exclusively a woman on man action, and I know a lot of unsatisfied women in this area. Besides, the pissing of the feminists is not news.

That is funny. The funny thing is that all of the people bitching about the ad is going to make them famous. They are going to make money off that.

Pretty smart.

Well, sex does sell.....and bad advertising goes further than good advertising, people just love t complain.

Good marketing.

If I had to pin the photo to a time and a source, I'd say some sort of a late '80s high fashion (or attempting to seem that way) ad.

Funny how the uneducated and ignorant in this thread use the word "feminist" (which means equality for both sexes) as something negative. It's 2008 and yet we still have same old misconceptions about the simplest things.

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