August 1, 2007

Email visual reflects its repulsive nature

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anymails.jpgEmail is quickly becoming one of the most hated methods of communication amongst any tech-savvy community. Perhaps by accident, a new visualization tool reflects email's repulsive nature quite accurately. Creepy and certainly crawly, bacteria-like bugs representing different types and statuses of emails infest themselves into your inbox and onto your screen. One "animal" represents one received email and one category represents one "species", while the status and age of an email affect the appearance and motion of an "animal". Called Anymails, the prototype effectively makes opening your inbox on Monday mornings feel even more vile.

See the visualization in motion.


I guess Burroughs was right... when you get right down to it...few can survive having their essence revealed to them.

I don't know...but maybe anthro (or rather arthro-)pomorphic attributes needn't be applied to every single tool or object we encounter.

The post reminds of the commercial for Orkin where the exterminator tells the children that an ant has it's skeleton on the outside....the kids are all "ewwwwwwwwwwww." ??????

I found sex in a mint-coconut pop.

ca av,

Considering the nature of spam and indiscriminant clicking at pop-ups, a lot of e-mail just might contain not so beneign versions of these.

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