July 16, 2007

Unwrap my package: going nude for mother nature

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Lush_naked.jpgNot the latest PETA "shock-vertising" strip down, the company Lush has a slightly different objective using similar techniques. Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics wants to get the word out against packaging to help save the environment. Appareled in only aprons, the brave staff bared mostly all out in the streets. The aprons called for people to ask them why they were naked, but for many of us, we can appreciate the visuals without needing an answer. Treehugger, however, has questions of their own:

"The campaign does leave questions open: for example, why hand out leaflets in a campaign against waste? And is naked the new marketing trend?"

Ahem. Trend?


now i need to visit the store. i'm all for reducing consumer waste -- and limiting packaging.

how many waves has this really made though?

and this store is located where?

i heart Lush something fierce. (try the Marathon Bar!)

i'm under the impression that excessive packaging is mostly there to make a product harder to steal. so i wonder how many bath bombs walk right out the door. is this why my last Demon in the Dark cost me nearly $20..?

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