July 17, 2007

Sex doll saturation

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Plastic pleasure has turned into an odd obsession for one man who lives with 100 sex dolls. The plethora of polished "pets" are caged in a room, where the man apparently gets off knowing he has full ownership without fear of a woman leaving or cheating on him. This scene seems to leave many speechless, most notably, the dolls. While a piece of plastic may suffice, dolls have nothing on D-S-L's.


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Woah, I can almost imagine getting off using dolls, much easier than actually 'feeling love.' Yikes, what an investment.

This is the kind of guy that kills someone with a katana on a supermarket... he needs help!!
nice blog anyway!

Telling from what the translator said about his view of the dolls, it seems like he was hurt pretty badly. I don't think he's the sort to go killing people in the supermarket since that's generally kind of an American thing (unless you're dealing with death cults). Personally I think he's more likely to turn into a hikikomori than kill anyone.


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