July 10, 2007

Selling rich women their own fat asses back to them

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2007_06_28_kingsize.jpgBelly fat is now being used for boob jobs. The procedure, dubbed Celution (sigh) uses fat from the belly or below mixed up with a cocktail of stem cells to create some serious boobage. Within an hour, the process of 'baby got back' to boobs is completed. Despite the one hour quickie, your breasts will fill out slowly over the next six months.

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I'm glad to see they still allow stem cells to be used for the vain while banning them from being used for anything actually helpful.

But what if they never stop growing? :-)

I'm actually not as offended by this as I feel like I should be. Perhaps it's my love of breasts getting in the way, but this seems like the best way to get a boob job, if you're going to get one.

I'd be very intersted to see some time capture shots of what they mean by "fill out over the next six months."

This is great. I will never look at a boob job the same from now on.

I wonder what the quality of the end result is and why the six month period for filling out. If this gets mainstream I think it might be a good thing. I mean women who want to fill out their tops a bit more, but don't want to look and feel fake will benefit greatly from this. This could also benefit reconstructive surgery of the breasts in the case of mastectomies.

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