July 31, 2007

Search for sex in your pillows

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EB-g03.jpgGoogle is great for getting off, but what if you could bring your search engine between the sheets? The Google News Cushion is a nice addition to the bedroom, listing the top news stories for specific years. At up to $250 per pillow, Google appears to be attempting to claim some extra cash it didn't earn last quarter. With call-outs to Britney, Janet Jackson, Paris and Podcasting(!?), we could only wish Google would spit out a "Top Searches" pillow list for every year instead of swallowing it into "SafeSearch On" mode.



hey ariel,
i'm crafty and i would be happy to make you one for significantly less than $250 :-)

Thanks for the great post. I have linked to the post here: http://www.theblogblog.net/?p=778 . I wonder what your top ten searches are from google?

I just created a t-shirt for my blog based on this pillow. I wish there was a site that displayed the top searches to get various sites.


For the record this pillow is not actually made by google. It's just some random project...

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