July 27, 2007

Post-it notes get pixilated

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wii.jpgPlaying in pixels on the streets of Italy, Nintendo launched a new marketing effort for the Wii. Equipped with office supplies and a bit of spunk, classic characters were cut and pasted in post-it note form. Link, Mario, and Donkey Kong made the list, though somehow Duck Hunt got the chump. Kotaku elaborates:

"These aren't regular Post-It Notes, mind you, as they're adorned with custom "Wii'll Not Forget" advertising on the back, which not only delivers the Wii elevator pitch, but also probably inspires current Wii owners to compulsively purchase Virtual Console titles."

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Post-it note tiling seems to be catching on. Here is a photo from the open house party at Yahoo's new "Brickhouse" office space in San Francisco of a whole wall tiled in post-its.