July 11, 2007

I can text you under the table

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571072900_ea16267976.jpgNo longer about who can out-drink who, texting is the new tolerance tournament, especially among teens. A recent survey found that 44 percent of teens use text messages as their primary mode of communication. While that figure is far from shocking to the majority of us gadget geeks, 28 percent admitted to texting under the dinner table. More close to 'home' (aka the blogosphere), the rising number of insatiable SMS-users has created an ongoing discussion and debate about the social integration or rejection of "interconnected multitasking culture".

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I can believe it. Almost every high school student in my school texts to each other during class. We are constantly having to deal with disruptions from phones ringing, buzzing, and texting. It is to the point where the teacher has a bucket at her desk. Everyone walks into class, turns phone off and drops in bucket until end of class.

Started this with tests only so people won't take pictures of answer sheets and email them to each other....

Crazy world.. but pretty fun