June 26, 2007

User adapted fitness game fights Wii for weight loss

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Watch out Wii, in two decades this "knockoff of Breakout" could be the new video game fitness fame. Developed by researchers at the University of Udine, the game uses a pulse oximeter sensor as a body-based controller. The pulse oximeter measures the heart rate and physical qualities of the player and adjusts the game correspondingly. What this creates is an extremely slow wayback machine to early 90s computer games. Perhaps it could transform from Breakout to Lumines as a motivator to get your game in shape.


There is no way you can get a real work out from a game that slow. OMG i would fall asleep.

If this girl really weighs 46 kg... why on earth is she playing this game?!

46 kg at 160 cm is very light!

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