June 4, 2007

Shake Well Before Use gears up for FOOA

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Fooa.jpgQuite aware that posting has been on the light side as of late, I'll be traveling to New York this week to attend the first Future of Online Advertising conference. The schedule is sure to be hectic, as my last attendance was back in November for ad:tech New York. New conferences can always be hit or miss, but it's always the people you meet that matter. The line-up for June 7-8 includes panelists from Blog Ads, Feedburner, Wired, Google, Microsoft, Digg, blip.tv, and the infamous PayPerPost.

As always, drop me a line if you'll be in the vicinity or have any recommended sights for June 7-10.

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That PayPerPost dude seems as sketchy as the founder of the company should.

I'll be there too. Hoping to make it to Brooklyn Brewery Friday night - maybe we should arrange an impromptu cool kids party there. I heart NYC.

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