June 13, 2007

Seattle serves up strip clubs, lacks liquor

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72664994.jpgThe dreary city of Seattle attempts to put some smiles on the faces of the otherwise melancholy metro males. After nearly two decades, the city is lifting the moratorium on strip clubs. As long as the strip clubs keep a safe distance from sins (children, alcohol, Microsoft, etc.), they'll be allowed to operate. Though the urban-planning committee doesn't expect many to open, they claim that "the city is better off and neighborhoods better served by having modest restrictions on nightclubs." And what better way to get out of the gray skies than to walk into the silver pole-lined clubs.



They probably shouldn't play any music, either. And the lights should be bright all the time. Oh, and no poles, as they're unsanitary.

Emerald City promoters love to inform you that certain parts of Hawaii actually get more rainfall per year than does Seattle, The Metronaturalâ„¢ City.

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