June 21, 2007

Painting with projection play

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Equipped with a projector, generator and an console, Xbox 360 takes it to the streets, literally. Vanning around Europe, a few Swedes, who are notably one of the top countries in gaming tournaments, roadtripped around for suitable surfaces. Going guerilla gaming, they projected onto and played various buildings. Definitely a recommended DIY experience if you haven't done before.


Hopefully they got some free games or something from MS for this. Pretty cool. I have a projector and a 360 but i don't have the balls to go project it on someones house (live in the suburbs).

Personally I think doing this with DDR might be fun as you could give the game a different context. Considering the guerrilla nature of said "Urban gaming", I'd say it would lend a minor rave aspect to the game.

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