June 19, 2007

One-handed typing creates call-to-action

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angelkitty_2.jpgUnkept keyboards seem to be the dirty secret of the week. NPR claims that where you touch to type has more bacteria than a toilet seat. This discovery in computer cooties has created a search for solutions, and what better one than the way we make our other "objects" semen-free: the dishwasher. Buyer beware, however, as not all keyboards are as durable and dishwasher-safe as dildos. Lifehacker thankfully offers up a few alternatives to scrubbing down your filthy function keys.


I guess that explains why one of my cats likes to lick my keyboard. He just loves my bacteria.

Uh, I hate the "X has more bacteria than a toilet" thing, seems that everyone wants to use it. The thing with it, you clean a toilet with bleach so of course it's the cleanest thing in the house - anything you don't clean with bleach is guaranteed to be dirtier.

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