June 12, 2007

Man- wiches, purses yield to Man Crushes

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harrison_ford_02.jpgThe SF Chronicle published a piece last week titled, "Summer sizzles for Man Crushes -- and there's nothing wrong with that". A Man-Crush is defined as a non-sexual (and hopefully, not-too-clingy) "cool factor" feeling between two heterosexual males.

"The Man Crush has always been a delicate subject among straight men, with a very complicated rule set. It's considered OK to spontaneously proclaim your love for an NFL quarterback when he just scored a touchdown. It's not cool to point out that Bob from human resources always looks nice in that blue sweater."

Sweaters aside, summer time sets in with a new slew of man-crushworthy movies such as Ocean's 13. More keen on the classics? The article goes on to state that almost every man between 25-40 is no virgin to the Man Crush, having had a definite desire aimed at any character played by Harrison Ford. From Han Solo to Indiana Jones, there's no escaping the creepy-crawly snake pit of Man Crushes.

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I had a man crush on Bruce Willis as a young Pete.

I'm okay with that.

And it is totally cool for anyone, of any orientation, to have a crush on Clooney.

I've had a man crush on Steve Nash now for about 3 years or so...and that's O K A Y.

I know it's gross, but Letterman is mine.

A man crush is awkward, but nowhere near as awkward as a man date...

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