May 1, 2007

ZOMG, Lolcats won internet

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355210755_a46d4c777e_o.jpgWhile trends flickr and fade, Lolcats seem to never get old. Laughing Squid points out the phenomenon while joining in on the cat meme revolution. The misspelled cat captioned photos have expanded to social networks as well, perhaps to slow down "your shit is broken!" emails from flooding the inbox. Sites like Twitter and Iminlikewithyou have caught on and created their own Lolcats. Perhaps Second Life and MySpace could take some learnings from these Lolcat earlier adopters. So, even though interweb stars may pop up on VH1 (if we're lucky, we'll see their 'vh1's behind the interweb' drugged out downfall in years to come), Lolcats seem to have star staying power.

[Sidenote: Giving a keynote speech on virtual communities and Second Life today at a mini conference. Perhaps a Lolcat is in order to soften the audience up beforehand. Jealous? You can build your own here.]


I love that website. When a new lolcat popups up in my RSS feed I jump to view it because they never fail to bring joy to the daily task list.

Using lolcats in your presentation is very cool
I'd like to see your presentation :)

Second Life has Hippos, officially, secondarily, they have Gorillas. But it's all about the hippos (watch on a slow lag day where your friends' list says (hippos...) while loading.

Now, lolhippoz just doesn't quiiiiiite do it for me.

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