May 3, 2007

Waffle iron takes you to the interweb

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waffleiron3.jpgThere's no end to incorporating interweb humor into your daily intake, and breakfast is no exception. Bringing a new meaning to "finger food", the typewriter iron features minimal modification for morning waffles. The appliance was created by Chris Dimino for a School of Visual Arts exhibit. While many of us computer addicts claim we could eat off of our collected keyboard crumbs, this one may be more filling. So butter up that (key)board and satisfy yourself with some syrup spillage, as this is the only one that won't have a sticky shift key the next day.

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I want to eat the Any key.

I think Paris says it best ... "That's Hot" As a waffle should be :-)

The 'Delete' key's for the fatbloggers, right? (And maybe the 'Tab', too...)

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