May 2, 2007

Simulated spanking for Wii weaknesses

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2007_04_30_wii.jpgIf you're feeling fixated on Nintendo or perhaps even feeling the glee grow dull on your Wii, a new concept "game" may revive it with some raunchiness. While the Wii Dungeon featured in this video comes sans 6-sided dice, there's still geek goodness to be had. The Wii Dungeon uses the ever-versatile Wiimote to perform spankings. Of course it doesn't hurt that a cute giggly girl demos it for us. Though this may seem out of your league, this game would be surprisingly tame, considering that the Wiimote only measures 3G of motion, while the swing of a baseball bat is more around the area of 20,000G. We'll let the Wiimote get off with a 3G warning spank for now.


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