May 3, 2007

Masticating may help with fornicating

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eclair.jpgA new book on eating aims to lift your libido with a few helpful diet tips. Candidly called The Orgasmic Diet, the book is set to release on May 15 and claims to help women reach orgasm (either for the first time or everytime they have sex) by regulating what they insert into their orifices. Supposedly by altering your brain chemistry and body through foods, The Orgasmic Diet will give you a "mind-blowing orgasm". The tips include "a diet low in carbohydrates that avoids “orgasm killers” like refined sugar and caffeine, high doses of fish oil supplements, internal exercises that go far beyond Kegels, and maintenance of serotonin and dopamine levels". While obviously a novelty novel, this one may be letting down the ladies, as it's common knowledge that 60% of women can't orgasm from intercourse alone. Though the book's facts are debatable, a dash of fish oil in hopes of getting frisky can't hurt.


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um, that 60% number is not necessarily due to 'women can't', it's because many of their partners can't perform well...yes, even in the most missionary of acts. Amazing how they still blame this on women's inabilities. Now they're marketing to us to change our food. Um I eat what i like when i like and have never had problems.

But smart to the publishers to capitalize on reducing carbs. Maybe women will fall for the "orgasm killers" messaging. The remedy is not a pill or a plate of fish oil. Reduce your stress, relax and get a new partner.

I've had girlfriends who have been big on refined sugar, caffeine, and carbs—none of the girls ever had issues.

Don't try to argue either since they're both pretty extreme with one being a coffee, energy drink, and chocolate addict of sorts. The other being a large fan of all sorts of sweets (especially the imported from asia kind), breads, and needing energy drinks when her manager would put her on an opening shift the day after they had her on a closing shift. Then I have a friend who has pretty normal diet that's somewhat low in overall carbohydrates and sugars and she's never experienced an orgasm from the "company" of another individual.

Then again both are big fans of sushi (the kind with actual fish meat) and many other types of seafood.

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