May 10, 2007

Is that a Google phone in your pocket or are you just flacid?

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map.jpgTo the disappointment of many and the low expectations of many more, there was no announcement on the hope of an up and coming Google phone. Probably a smart move on Google's behalf to not announce major advancements only to get a few weeks of publicity before the iPhone release pwns all. Though having an iPhone in your pocket may free up the need for stuffing your lower garments with socks, the Google phone may pleasure us with more girth. From a bird's eye view, Apple appears to take the 'size matters' approach, by packing the iPhone with a multitude of features (of course, with the exception for not accepting reservations for "parties of three"). Admittedly unconfirmed, Google may have an edge on Apple's core phone philosophy by having less size, but more girth by simply allowing users to explore outside of a tightly wound brand.

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