May 17, 2007

Elave: nothing to hide, plenty to seek

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elave.jpgA line of skin-care products bares all (and we mean all) to prove they have nothing to hide. Unlike the majority of advertising that only offers a peep show tease, these commercials for Elave (NSFW!) offer the full experience. Trimmed, shaved, hung, and even pregnant, the product is the last item keeping our attention. To view the commercial, click on the projector. Though quite the eye-catching campaign, advertising has a hard enough time keeping our attention span on the product without parading penises and pussies everywhere. Not too sure if this is an effective approach... Then again, what does it matter?

Bonus NSFW! video stills (sans pink censored starbursts)


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Looks exactly like my workplace.

Are they hiring?

I.. don't get it. What's the connection between having nothing to hide and being naked? Oh, right. That was.. pretty obvious of elave. Kind of a letdown, too, for all the time it took to load. Could have used.. I don't know, a game.. or some motion.. or something.

Interesting office... what were they selling?

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