April 5, 2007

The Interloper

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It is one thing to lurk on a blog ... to salaciously rifle through the posts on offer, jumping from post to post, image to image in a flurry of keystrokes. It is easy and safe, and for the most part untraceable. Many of us do it ...

How many times have YOU stopped by Shake Well Before Use only to take the first link out or worse, close down the browser just in case your boss/colleague/partner saw what you were looking at? How many times did you stop and comment ... daring to leave your real name or email address?

Imagine now, if you will, what it is like to slip, knowingly into the home of someone you hardly know. Oh, it's no problem, nothing illegal ... just strange ... different. And you think, as you turn the key -- what if there is something there I shouldn't see? Some half-robed, thinly disguised post? A picture leaving LESS to the imagination? But then it is too late. You are in. And everyone knows you are there ... lights out, lurking in the shadows -- this time, inside looking out.

So here I am, playing around in the backrooms of Shake Well Before Use, surfing the web and picking out Ariel-style tidbits for your pleasure. And I must admit it is much more ordered than I expected -- not even an untidy piece of lingerie lying around. If only I could say the same for my own blog ;) Image via W10.

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