April 26, 2007

Solo connects cities, commuters

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bustalk.jpgConnecting distances at a push of a button, a new outdoor campaign aims to bring unfamiliar sounds to familiar sidewalks. Solo Mobile, a Canadian competitor to Virgin Mobile, placed a series of bus stop walkie talkie billboards in the public for sampling. The displays act as a real-time walkie talkies to other cities, connecting commuters across the country. Though talking to strangers is a common occurrence online, it'll be interesting to see the behaviors behind an offline conversational platform like this.


So, instead of being oblivious to the people around one while talking to distant friends, one can be oblivious to them while talking to strangers being oblivious to the people around them? Way to subvert the alienating, public-space deteriorating effects of cell phones! I want to see these things hacked so people actually end up talking to people right next to them. That would be innovative.

(rant aside, this concept really is pretty cool - I'd love something like this if it were international.)

Actually I believe there to have been some sort of outdoor video art sculpture that displayed the images of people in a different city upon a wide wall. So it was kind of a giant video-teleconference sort of sculpture between two cities.

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