April 20, 2007

Oversexed and underpaid

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christina-ricci.jpgChristina Ricci points out her lack of presence as a porn star. Apparently the Black Snake Moan actress is tired of sex.

"The 27-year-old was completely drained after filming the intimate scenes with Justin Timberlake in Black Snake Moan. Ricci says, "I've had enough sex for the next two years of my career with this movie."

The news comes as a blow (or lack thereof) to Christina crushes and speculating sex fantasies. While you wait those two years out, twiddle your thumbs to the sights and sounds of Scarlett Johansson and Bjork this weekend.

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I guess my Christina Ricci fantasies will now have to revolve around watching TV together and antique shopping. Still hot.

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