April 2, 2007

Joost awkwardly advertises with double-dipping

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Joost, the interactive software that allows for peer-to-peer TV content sharing via web makes its debut with a bit of awkward advertising. While most commercials strive for clarity, Joost apparently wants to woo their audience with charming confusion. Attempting to enamor their viewers with special effects and aspirational gospel, the commercial involves an old man double-dipping his fingers in jar filled with Joost's hopes and dreams. Here's hoping he washed his hands before contaminating them.

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Is that the same way crystal meth is made? Which bottle has the Psuedephrin?

That commercial was the best thing I've seen about Joost. Personally, until they get some decent content on it, it's pretty lame for me.

hey, you have any joost invitations? pleeeeaasee!
lernerd (at) gmail (dot) com

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