April 2, 2007

First Life, Second Life, Third Life, no more

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The Netherlands is certainly not a place to be wasted by staring at a computer screen. Where's the need for porn when the Red Light District is just steps away? Apparently needing to remind the populous of negativity for being a nerd, KitKat released this commercial. The ad features a life within a life within a life, based off of non other than the seductive, yet at times scary, Second Life. We can only cringe in expectation of a Forth Life joke.

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this ad is such a relief... i'm going crazy with the entire second-life hype over here. it seems Amsterdam's turned into a perfect place to stare at your display and talk about new business opportunities in 2nd life..

- tired of 2nd life and glad to hear your thoughts ;)


Gotta agree with you here, Dirk. I got sucked into the whole Second Life thing because I kept hearing about how it was where business was happening and it was attracting attention and blah blah blah...

Then I got there and found out that it might as well have been Land of the Losers. Who the hell wants to have an experience where you can recreate your boring existence online? That almost seems like borderline psychotic to me -- and I've met some of the most pretentious putzes in Second Life.

Unfortunately, a couple of my clients want to do freaking a2a (avatar-2-avatar) meetings in the game.

Tell me about it Richard :)

I'm currently sharing my office space with someone who's setting up a brainstorming/meeting room business in 2nd life,

A friend of mine was offered a job in 2nd life by his current employer (a big dutch bank) who's setting up shop there,

and one of my best friends sister works for a marketing firm that set up shop there, made her an avatar (!) and told her to work from within their agency in 2nd life from now on. The funny thing is, she's been wearing the same clothes to work every day and nobody noticed — or bothered to show her how to change in there ;)

I'm hoping for the day 2nd life goes back to it's essence: cybersex for those who can't or won't use a webcam... people could still think it's the greatest thing ever, but at least we'd be hearing a lot less about all the amazing business opportunities in there.


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