April 2, 2007

Fetish magazine flirts with free subscription

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fetishmag.jpgFetishes have long flirted with the interweb, manifesting themselves in naughty niches and virtual vacancies. To cater to the interweb insatiable, a new fetish magazine is taking its glossies from print to online publishing. The "edgy, raw, over-the-top fetish mag" attempts to claim your fancy by making itself free. While most fetish sites simply seduce and ask for a subscription fee before you're able to finish, this one opens up for entrance. Senze, the Sweden-based sensation, only offers content online, so while the feeling of sticky pages may be long past, you may still want to protect your key pad with some plastic wrap.


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Okay, here's what I've never understood about latex -- if a vinyl beanbag makes me sweat in the bad way, why the hell would I want to cover my body with it?

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