April 30, 2007

Dude looks like a lady

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walkamileinhershoes.jpgPimped out in pumps, men from across all of LA walked "a mile in her shoes". While the sight was definitely supposed to cause a scene, the gawking was for a good cause. The 6th annual Walk a Mile in Her Shoes Men's March took place Saturday in Sherman Oaks. What was once a one-off, has now turned into 35 marches around the nation. With cramped toes and chants of "stop rape now", men took to the streets to raise money for the elimination of sexual and interpersonal violence. More photos to be found at LAist.

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You know, in previous years, I've actually encountered blog posts on feminist sites that actually managed to hate on this too. Man, people are brave behind a keyboard.

Hi CT,

I'm not hating on this at all. I think it's a good cause that deserved recognition, and the way they went about it is unique and definitely gets attention.

I am really thankful to the author of this post for making this lovely and informative article live here for us. We really appreciate ur effort. Keep up the good work. . . .

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