March 27, 2007

YouTube flaunts femme fatale nature

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200145378-001.jpgeMarketer reports on the video vigilante known as YouTube, analyzing the disconnect over demographics. While there will be an estimated 97 million lovely ladies online this year compared to the only 90 million men, the video viewing stats don't reflect the revolution. In 2007, it's predicted that only 66% of world-wide-web women will become video viewing machines while men take the lead at 78%. Surprised, the study added that typically women watch more television than men, asking then what affinities females had towards online video. Perhaps, unlike men, the lack of inherent interest in flashy (fleshy?) moving pictures has turned women off from an always on medium.

"A study by Piper Jaffray also found that news appealed to both genders (52.3% of adult men and 48.9% of women). After that, though, differences appeared. Men were more likely to watch amateur videos, music videos and movie previews. Women favored movie previews and then music videos. "Getting the female audience engaged is crucial for the success of online video, and over the next few years, marketers and online video content providers will need to figure out exactly how to get that job done," says Ms. Williamson, an eMarketer senior analyst.

Oh, but Ms. Williamson, if only it were always easier said than done to "get the job done" with females. YouTube may have rubbed some of us the wrong way, but there's hope that they eventually find the right position to embed their code.

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