March 21, 2007

My mind is as clean as a New York subway

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15condom600.1.jpgLaunched earlier this year, New York's subway-branded condoms were handed out to over 150,000 people in five boroughs to help promote safe sex. Despite the safety claims, New York is yet again under attack for not providing enough protection, or in this case, sensitivity. Gawker points to a blogger with a bone to itch about the New York subway condoms.

"Sure, they may have subway maps on them, but I think a real marketing opportunity was missed. My boy Travis first pointed this out when he told me that they were all the same. I thought the deal was that there would be different sorts of condoms branded by subway line. That way, all situations would be covered and you could squeeze the marketing opportunities dry."

Somehow I doubt there's a subway line that's "sensitive for her pleasure", but there are certainly lines for getting shafted and fucked. While a cute idea, the letter/number, ribbed/un-ribbed memorization process seems a bit too hard for anyone with a hard on.

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I've taken a ride and have no complaints.

Hi!, I'm going to NY next week, Thanks for sharing, I think I'm going to take one of those, as a souvenir. :)

If they ever do the same for Los Angeles it would certainly bring a whole new meaning to the term metrosexual.

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