March 5, 2007

Insert bolt A into side B

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b2fc75316d.jpgIncreasing awkwardness of the necessary sexual precautions, Kama Sutra Condoms add insult to injury. As if there weren't enough nervous pauses between inability to unhinge clasps, unzip zippers, and untie shoes, having to receive any more instructions might be pushing it. Though it may act as a cute entertainment piece, trying to figure out where her feet go when you accidentally ripped off the heads on the packaging in your moment of anticipation may be more of a turn off than sticking in to the little you do know. Charles&Marie encourage users to "collect them all", finally providing an excuse for having 64 condoms scattered around your bedroom.


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I actually received worse promo condoms for a hip hop group recently.

The guys' faces are on the condom wrapper.

It's a funny promotion but I'm sure it's the cheapest condom available and I can't imagine someone wanting to see their faces at that special yet awkward moment of unwrapping.