March 29, 2007

I like to do it in public

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disturb.gifPrivate parts have been a hot topic lately, and not pertaining to the kind below the belly button. Lifehacker points to a post by Web Worker Daily about why developing a public online persona is positive when it comes to employment.

"Employers are realizing that what people do online can actually prove their value as potential hires, not just rule them out based on drunken photos or revelations of other past missteps."

The contemplation between personal and professional, public and private wares on, as social sites are search engine optimized for your bi-curious bar moments and grammatical gonorrhea. Twitter, MySpace, Flickr, Upcoming, and LinkedIn are just to name a few. The post goes on to capture that 25 to 50 million searches for proper-names are performed each day and that having no results under your name may turn from neutral to negative.

In light of the recent "Sierra shitstorm" that's going on, many are questioning going back into private practice. However, the public persona post may have a point. While perhaps intimidating and even a little scary, there may indeed be a certain satisfaction that comes with doing it in public.


One can be public and findable, but still cautious on how much personal information is disclosed. I'm talkking about how home contact information (address, phone #, etc.). I have a personal blog, but am watchful of how/when I mention my family.

While I've taken my resume off my blog, I'm sure some wacked-out sicko could still track me down with a bit of effort. (But, that'll vary depending on where you live and how common your last name is.)

First of all, I think the Sierra shitstorm is overblown. Guys have that kind of crap all the time -- and worse. We deal with it. Kathy freaked out and I'm sure that because I'm not a woman I don't know what it would feel like to be intimidated in that way.

Having said that, I've had assholes jump from virtual to realworld and I've dealt with it. To hide from the virtual world because I'm worried that someone might get overzealous in their desire to cause me great pain would have them win without ever raising a finger.

That's just my view, though -- and if you don't like it, you can track me down and beat the crap out of me.

Okay, head's on a little better so I don't want people to get the wrong idea that I'm some kind of prick.

Okay, I am -- but not this time.

Kathy Sierra shouldn't have to develop a thick skin in order to enjoy her life without stress or fear. The total and absolute morons who did this to her were out of line and totally lacking in even the most basic of human emotions.

It's a big bad web out there and even though about ninety-seven percent of the people I meet are good people, there's a small number who are jerks, assholes and total fuckwads -- and that's including people who are friends.

Sure, it would be nice if the people who did that to Kathy would have had the common sense to know they were going over the line but I'm sure what happened was a kind of "pack mentality." Kathy became the target of malicious behavior that just kept growing and feeding on itself.

Anyway, just wanted folks to know that my first post was wrong -- I was using flawed thinking when I wrote. Sorry about that.

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