March 19, 2007

Debbie does digital

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248134196_9140e64f1e.jpgEditing erections and filtering flesh, the Scrambled series blurs the lines between focal points and fetishes. Shifting seduction, an experimental series examines orgasmic obstruction. Digitally destructing pornographic pixels, the series aims to exploit artifacts and errors. Perhaps to be more accurately titled Fuck That Noise, the visual "feedback" fixates the viewer, similar to a insatiably solved Rubik's Cube.

"For the Scrambled series, using video footage downloaded from Internet, we exploit the artifacts, errors, blurs inherent to heavy digital compression and incomplete files. Dozens of snapshots are generated. Here, the creative process in itself rely on selecting the right images: identifiable as pornographic, but somehow deactivated."



Reminds of trying to watch Spaceballs on a peyTV channel when they would scramble the signal.

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