March 2, 2007

Cleavage cover-up cancels cover story

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holdyourownboobs.jpgA feature that was to be in Jane's Magazine titled 'Jane's Guide to Boobs' has been canceled to the chagrin of preemptive erections everywhere. The feature was to showcase 53 firm femmes topless, but Jane isn't running some kind of flash-it-all whorehouse, they keep their identities covered and it's an extra fee to get a 'private dance lesson', alright? Or at least that was the idea. But as with any strip club, you begin having sheer cover-ups, and then smaller ones, and before you know it, you're showing the man in the boat for $5 a pop. Okay, perhaps Jane didn't go that far, but the list of 53 women who were paid a whopping $50 each to take it off was leaked and Jane soon after pulled the plug. Women may just have stay with the traditional route of using grope guides to find our way around boobs.

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Excellent stuff Ariel. Keep up the great work. Very funny

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