March 6, 2007

Blogbots replace boring bloggers

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NEC.jpgMaking way forward for artificial stupidity intelligence, NEC has created a series of blog buddies of the robotic kind to help keep bored and boring bloggers company. The PaPeRo prototype creates multimedia blogs without the need for a whiny, ranting blogger in the equation. By initiating conversation with the blogbot, PaPeRo searches and analyzes relevant images, illustrations and music, before automatically editing and uploading the content to the specified blog. Using text retrieval technology along with other spoken language dictionaries, it won't be long until the PaPeRo asks us to prepare to be assimilated.

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It'll never take off.

Is it just me or do those bots look a little short and chubby? The colours are neat - but I think some of them should be tall and skinny. Or even reclining. A chilled out reclining tubby blog bud might be quite sweet.

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