February 16, 2007

Teases bite off more than they can chew

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chocolate_bars.jpgTelling us what we already know, a new study says it's healthy to tease ourselves. However, before you dive into your one-handed-typing segway, it's not the kind of tease you get from Girls Gone Wild at 4am on a Tuesday. The study, conducted by the University of Hertfordshire in England, concerned the affects dieting takes on perceptions and emotions.

"Researchers ... showed women pictures of chocolate or magazine ads of nonfood items. Those who had previously dieted or were on a diet had greater feelings of guilt about chocolate ... These negative emotions, in turn, could lead to cravings for chocolate".

Being good has always been a tease. Get hot for health by orally pleasuring yourself in addition to your daily exercise routine to help fight off cravings and carbs.

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