February 8, 2007

Sit down with a glass of bubbly

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chamchairs.jpgDesign Within Reach, often colloquially referred to Design Out of Reach to the financially-challenged, holds a Champagne Chair Award contest each year. The challenge is to create the most design-savvy miniature chair out of the contents of discarded champagne elements, such as the cork, foil, etc. (essentially anything but the bottle itself). While it's too late to prove your craftiness for this year, voting is currently up for the finalists (as Josh Spear notes, voting ends Friday at 5pm and you can only vote once). You can also view the few others who didn't make the cut. The winner will receive $500 towards the purchase of a napkin holder from DWR as well as a feature in their studio tour (sans robotic Todd-Oldham-like hosts).

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DWR is a great catalog, but yes, the Barcelona Couch at 9K is a little scary.

I'd vote, but "by submitting your vote, you are joining the DWR email list." NaGaDa.

Does anyone really drink champagne?

I personally love champagne and I'll order a mimosa no matter what time of day. I've actually got a bottle chilling in my refrigerator at the moment :)

thats because you're a lush

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