February 27, 2007

Jet Star advertises the future of air travel

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airline_bikini.jpgWith so much up in the air these days, no one is quite sure where the future of air travel, and for that matter, security, will take us. Jet Star (an airline off of Qantas) advertises that the future looks bright. Bikini-wearing and ready, the Japanese are always ahead of us, this time in security-preparation. While it's been rumored for years now that security is going to get so hard that we'll all have to fly naked (or are they getting hard for the anticipation of us flying naked?), it has yet to happen. Worries subsided, Jet Star cares to cater, giving us propaganda-like designs of Japanese girls in bikinis. That's not all, though. Look at the creepy guy on the right - what lucky bastard gets a girl in a miniskirt and boots in addition to a bikini babe all in one glance!? This is obviously false advertising, or possibly 'evidence A'.

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